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Lion Fish Photo by Kaze-o-Kaeru Lion Fish Photo :iconkaze-o-kaeru:Kaze-o-Kaeru 0 0 Lion Fish by Kaze-o-Kaeru Lion Fish :iconkaze-o-kaeru:Kaze-o-Kaeru 1 0 Happy Pumpkin Card by Kaze-o-Kaeru Happy Pumpkin Card :iconkaze-o-kaeru:Kaze-o-Kaeru 0 0
What’s taking so long?
This is stupid.
Why did she break up with me?
Rhan hunched her shoulders as the chaos of New York’s overcrowded city streets bombarded her already overfilled mind with more sensory input. Every unvoiced thought, text message, and keypad tapped complaint was picked up and absorbed by Rhan’s telepathy. She swallowed thickly. Her heart began to race as another of her chronic panic attacks set in. The shear amount of unwanted information from the human tide threatened to swamp her.
She placed a hand to her temples and rubbed. Then Rhan scrubbed the visor that sat snuggly on her pale face. The odd red covering resembled sunglasses, but in truth, its glassy luminous surface was a part of her body. This unusual growth was the only visible evidence of a deeper unseen mystery.
Her shoulder collided with the arm of a passing business man. His well-trimmed black hair and spotless business suit stood in horribly obvious contrast to Rhan
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Troubled Waters
Background information:
The main character Vanora (Scots Gaelic for White Wave) is a member of a seafaring culture that humans call Mer-people. They appear human but they can breathe under water. Though attributed to mermaids, her society is actually a group of human clans that have become very tied to the ocean.
Their language is lyrical and is closely related to ancient Gaelic. They call themselves  The Muira or The People of the Sea. This name is derived from the Irish Gaelic word Muir which means ocean. They spend their entire lives on boats made of wood that they salvage from islands or uninhabited sections of coastline. Because these people rarely leave their family “house boat,” they often actively hunt for fish and other aquatic life on the open seas, this hunter-gatherer type lifestyle has allowed them to stay hidden from modern human society for centuries.
The Muira also possess the ability to manipulate their individual energy aura or life force to co
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Fantasy Race Template
Fantasy Race Template
Name of race:
Geographical location: are they all in one place, or are they in scattered locations?
Common physical attributes: hair color, eye color, skin color, fur, tail, ears, nails or claws, wings, etc. Reasons for these traits
Beliefs (non-religious):  gender roles, superstitions, myths, legends, etc.
Weak and strong points: are they warriors? If so do they fight often, sometimes, or rarely? Is their culture based on conflict, like the Spartans or are they a mix of different ideals.
Religion: one deity, or many? Do they have a strict dogma or is it more open? What is their worship based on? – Nature, animals, humanoid gods, etc. How accepting are they of other religions.
Lifestyle: food, pets, type of home, type of jobs that the race is better at, clean or grungy shelters, stationary or nomadic, type of transport, etc.
Overall ideals/morals: what is important to them culturally? Are they open to other cultures or are they exclusionary and isolated? Are
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Lunch or Leave
It was the first thing that Raeda noticed as she began to return to consciousness. Her head was pounding like a drum. The pulsing of blood in her ears was even worse. She lifted her right arm up towards her face and almost screamed as a horrible stabbing pain shot through her shoulder.
A cool hand was suddenly placed on her good shoulder, as someone gently pushed her back down into the bed. Her vision was still too blurry to make out any definitive features. Then a warm fluid was poured down her dry throat and her eyelids grew heavy. In no time she was fast asleep.
"She shouldn't be here Ichinose."
The young man in question turned away from Raeda's bed-side. He looked at his Bount comrade with his dark amber eyes narrowed. The other individual stood at around six feet in height, with dark skin that had seen hundreds of years in the sun. Maki Ichinose was usually on good terms with this Bount; since they both had a mutual respect for each other.
"I know Koga, but I couldn't leave
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Bleach Fan Fiction Flashback- Family History 1
Flashback: 20 years earlier
A tall man stood in the doorway leading into a two bedroom apartment. His reddish brown hair had a natural spikey-ness to it that no amount of hair jell could tame. Colene stared at her lover with tears in her eyes.
She murmured, fighting back the urge to cry.  She couldn't believe what she was hearing.
"Because, I was given a formal challenge. My culture's rules state that I have to fight him."
"What if you don't return? What will I do? Our child is a month from being born!"
Colene was crying hard now. Tears ran down her pale cheeks and into her white blonde hair. Her Love gently wrapped his arms around her as she cried into his white captain's cloak. She rubbed the ragged edges of the shoulder cuffs as she stared into his deep azure eyes, pleading for him to stay.
"I must go now."
He said; his deep voice barely a whisper.
She lowered her head, fighting more tears. There was nothing she could do for him. This was his decision, and his life.
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Disaster at Dawn
Howling shattered the peace of the early morning air. Raeda shot straight out of bed, her silver rimmed azure eyes scanning her bedroom frantically. Since she was already on her feet, she hurriedly got dressed. There was little time for much else.
"Sis, there's another one. I can hear it! - wow, your hair is really messy."
"I know Christopher. Now will you hand me that hairbrush?"
Standing in her doorway, Christopher stared at his elder sibling with wide innocent eyes. She couldn't get too mad at him, but lord was he annoying.
She rushed down the stairs, yanking knots out of her flaming auburn hair as she went. She snatched up her all-purpose handbag, stuffed a piece of toast in her mouth, and skidded out the door.
The people outside were completely oblivious to the masked danger that lurked no more than two blocks away. Raeda was a little envious. It must be easy to be so darn naïve that the only problems in your life are what your house payment is. I'll be lucky if my house is s
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Bleach Fan Fiction Snippet
Now her true identity was laid bare. She was dressed in a black sleeveless shihakusho with a black jacket over it, the latter of which had her clan symbol embroidered in white on the left sleeve. The symbol was of ancient Gaelic origin.
The three interconnecting circles, each one representing an aspect of the cycle of life, were surrounding a snarling wolf's head.
"Life, death, and rebirth, but when placed together it represents immortality; with the wolf being the ultimate symbol of the hunter."  
Her sensei's words echoed in her mind. I never did understand what the hell he meant by that.
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Chapter 2: Strange Encounters
The sound of a book being slammed shut echoed throughout the relatively silent library. Several
people on the other side of the room looked up in shock. Reagan felt as if her brain was going
numb. For the last two hours, I have searched through every one of these stupid books and not
one of them has anything about ancient runes in Europe, much less the Norse variety! Glancing
around, she searched for another section in which to start over. She pulled out a book from the
world languages section and quickly flipped through it. A picture of a man with a falcon's head
greeted her on the page. No! I don't want crap about Egypt! Reagan shoved the offending
encyclopedia back onto its shelf. She took a deep breath. There is no need to panic over this.
Slowly, Reagan checked the names of each book. If she found one that caught her eye she would
pull it off the shelf.
Reagan squealed in delight. Two long hours of frustration had finally paid off. She opened the
hard back to the proper
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Chapter 1: Mystery at Sundown
Chapter 1: Mystery at Sundown
"Your move, Carl."
Reagan glared at the bald man in front of her. He was taking his good time to lay down his cards. Ignoring the young red head's not so subtle "hurry up" statement, the middle aged biker took a long pull from his cigarette. Though trying desperately to fit in with the ruff and rowdy crowd that commonly inhabited Greg's Ale House, it was obvious to Reagan that Carl was an old upper class fart that had hit mid-life crisis.
"C'mon captain chrome dome, it doesn't take that long to lay down a card in poker."
"Hey, don't get snide with me. I'm just trying to make the best of this shoddy hand you dealt me."
Reagan rolled her emerald eyes. Oh great, so now it's my fault.
"This isn't chess you know."
Carl glanced up at Reagan. A slight smirk made its way across his face as he laid down a ten of clubs.   
"I didn't think a twenty one year old without any higher education would know that much about such a complicated game."
Reagan gri
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